Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sundays Snaps

  It has been a lovely Sunday away from the stresses of the NHS. The garden is my own medicine, no wander some GPs prescribe garden therapy. Looking at the plants, picking the aphids off, working out what's grown, and just being outdoors in the wind, rain, or sunshine. I have packed a lot of plants in a modest sized garden. The first photo is the Echinacea growing on, with a white flower I hope. A lot of gardening is hopes despite setbacks. Its all a learning curve, trial and error.
 I keep trying to take pictures of the insects that pose long enough for me to get my mobile phone close to them. It has a very good camera, equivalent to a digital camera. This fly obliged and sat on the hanging basket Lobelia.
 The garden had a plastic pot with Asiatic Lily's growing in. I am not a fan of the Lily Beetles that regularly decimate the plant and leaves. The shiny red beetle has the most revolting larvae that poo all over themselves leaving black muck on the underside of the leaves. They gradually take the leaves off stopping the flowering. This pot has thirty stems,  but only one Lily bloom. It is a red and orange fiery Lily. It does not have any scent.
 It was a nice surprise to find it open this morning. The plants will all be composted at the end of the flowering.
 The wrongly labelled not snow white rose (renamed Tangerine Dream for its apple/citrus scent) has had a second bloom open today. It needed a cane to hold it upright. They glow like mountain recue high vis jackets against the white and green of the border.
This pic shows the two Roses in bloom. The only other Rose that has bloomed is the Kenyan one that I bought in York Parliament Street. It was an indoor Rose but moved outside here in Stanley. The Blue Rose, and the Rose Queen Elizabeth have small buds. Maybe there is a difference between being planted in the border, versus pot grown roses.
 I looked today at using Banana peel as an organic fertiliser. I have a regular supply (Julia eats them every day).
 The last pic is of the Farmhouse door that we bought at Decoporium ( a vintage/antique/up cycled warehouse with 40 plus dealers selling within its cavernous area). It was to break the plain white  washed wall. It is enjoying a third life. I love the yellow paint that was on the inside. I have imagined its former life before it was used as a plastering board.
 I gave it a wash to remove years of dirt, dust, and dried plaster. It is painted Blue on the front side (the photo shows the inner door side).
 Julia said I had mentioned the door but never blogged it. It has been on my Twitter feed though. It has now been blogged.
 I bought a new printer today so That I could print photos off and display them in the houses spare room. A little artistic homage to the blog. The photos are the lifeblood of the blog. The words illustrate them but people can see the images from all over the world.
 My heart is what powers the words and the pictures I upload.

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