Wednesday, 1 July 2015

David The Gardener (Julias words)

 Julia wrote a lovely piece about me on the back of Cocoa Pops packet. This is her description of me:

"David.. the gardener.
Oh.. and a little about myself. On the day I met David he happened to mention he enjoyed gardening. I thought "that's okay I like a pretty garden to wonder through hand in hand!"
 How little did I know.

    Enjoyed! It his passion, or as he told me was. Myself a total novice who hardly knows a dandelion from a daffodil. He told me about his little blog so I began to read it, I was hooked. I smiled at his anecdotes and was mesmerised by the wonder and beauty of nature in his photography. His visits to Helmsley  I hope inspired him. I knew he began to inspire me.
 I knew he was beginning to emerge like a little seedling ,itching to start creating his newly acquired Mews garden.
I couldn't wait to see it. Every day I began to receive a picture with another task completed.
 I am beginning to learn so much about the garden, plant names, insects, birds all thanks to my happy gardener. no longer Snappy!
 We now live together in our pretty Mews house tending the garden, watching the wildlife.
 Gardening for us has and still does have healing therapies.. and love.
 Thank you David
  Julia X "

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