Thursday, 2 July 2015

Crimson Blood Red And Tangerine Dream

 It was not as hot today in the garden. I went out to try to take early morning photos of some of what was in flower. The Red Rose is one Julia had in Helmsley, in her flats kitchen. It is a gorgeous red crimson colour. I repotted it and have put it outside. It has thrived. This is the first Rose that grew here in Stanley.
The second Rose is called Tangerine dream. It has a delicious apple/citrus scent and is copper or apricot coloured. I bought Rose Snow White for the white and green border. Damn the incorrect label from b and q.. I now have an orange Rose growing in the white/green border. It is fantastically healthy with glossy leaves, no aphids, or black spot.
 Tangerine Dream (my own name for it.unknown variety really) has a stunning traditional hybrid tea look with sumptuous apricot petals. the scent is amazing. There are three Rose buds growing on the Rose shrub.
 The South African Daisies have thick stems and leaves, but a kaleidoscope of colours. They only open when its sunny, and close if it is cloudy or wet. They have covered the biggest basket we made, along with Candy Cane flowers.
The last photo shows Geum Mrs Bradshaw. Lovely Red and gold flowers. I swept up a lot of leaves from the neighbours weeping willow, It has rained since and knocked more leaves down. The collected leaves are going to make new leaf mould compost for the veg beds, pots, and  the borders.
   What I have tried to do is use everything that is in the garden to make compost, and improve the soil. The fallen leaves become a resource. I am a fan of recycling, composting, and up cycling things for use in the garden.
 That's why the battered farmhouse door came from Thorpe Arch at Wetherby to Stanley. Our garden has given it a third life (farmhouse door, plastering board, now garden feature).
 I'm back to work tomorrow before a weekend off. More gardening, shopping, and blogging then.

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